Petro Palace Hotel, Saint-Petersburg

Historical overview

The building at 14 Malaya Morskaya street was designed by the architect Ivan Fyodorovich Shlupp in 1898-1900.

According to the list  of housholds of St. Petersburg in 1875 (p. 73) the building belonged to Vorontsov.  According to another list of  1891 owner was named Tulyakova. In  1894 there were reports that the house on Malaya Morskaya St., 14 belonged to Maria Nikitichna Tulyakova. In  1896 the owner of the house  was Fedor Ottonovich Stahl.

We think that  Fedor Ottovich Stahl lived here while the landlady was  Tulyakova.

There were also registered cellars of Russian and foreign wines here at that time.

After the house was built fully all the large family of Stahl lived here.

The most famous:

— Stahl Ivan Ottonovich. Gogol str, 14. Wine trade.

– Stahl Fedor Ottonovich honorary citizen, Gogol str, 14 member of the Committee of St. Petersburg Fruit, Tea and Wine Exchange. Wine trade. Homeowner.

– Stahl Yakov Ottonovich, honorary citizen of Gogol str, 14. Wine trade.

Another remarkable fact is that  in 1902 Malaya Morskaya street was renamed Gogol street in honor of Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol, who lived on theopposite site of the road, in the house number 17.

In 1913 almost all the surrounding houses were profitable and a Grand Hotel was located next door (on Gogol str. 18).

In 1913 Fedor Ottonovich Stahl died.

His widow – Emilia Rudolfovna Stahl – becomes the hostess of the house.

In 1917 there were  already seven Stalhl family members registered in the house. The building consisted of appartments, that were offered for rent.

Stahl’s house was not damaged during the World War II (which is a rare exception for St. Petersburg).

After the Wold War II, the building was given to Science and Research Institute.

After the Research Institute and until 2003 the building belonged to the Grand hotel Europe.

For some reasons  they considered this building a non-core asset and sold it.

The building was bought by the current owner and an active recovery process had begun.

The only thing that has survived to the present day from the family of Stahl is the famous Oak living room. This room is now protected by a Geop  and  is called Oak hall.

A lot of work has been done in two years.

Someone may think that the top floor of the building was built recently, but it is not so. As we found in the archive of old pictures depicting the building in the 19th-early 20th century, the roof of the building looked exactly the same as of now. The only thing that is new now are the attic windows. Emergency wooden floors were replaced, and the wooden walls are made of brick.

In the summer of 2005, the renovated Petro Palace Hotel opened its doors.

Several styles are  mixed in the interior design now,  and the motives of merchant  style  of old St. Petersburg  prevailed.

The hotel has been more than successfully operating for 10 years. To keep up with the time and offer  our guests only the best, it was decided to completely renovate the interior of the hotel. The renovation began in 2012 and was fully completed by the summer of 2013.

The German design company has developed a completely new concept-space , the furniture became brighter and more comfortable, the purpose of many rooms has changed.

The reception service gave way to the lobby bar. It has a lovely view of the busy street, and the seats grew more than three times.

Classic restaurant Baron was transformed into a very fashionable project – restaurant ToNYc (which means the abbreviation of to New York). ToNyc  is the younger brother of the famous Korovabar, pub restaurant and  steak house. It has Incendiary and cozy atmosphere, excellent service.

Previously operated Sky Bar turned into probably the most comfortable place in the hotel – trattoria Settimo Cielo (seventh heaven).

Pasta and pizza, that are offered here, are made by hand in our kitchen. Add to all this the fact that this place has good prices and great view of  the roofs of St. Petersburg , our trattoria is definitely worth a visit!

Number of Conference rooms increased after recent renovation and they become much more comfortable.

Now after pushing a few folding walls (their soundproofing is, by the way, no worse than usual walls), you get a wonderful space for coffee breaks or receptions.

And only the Oak Hall name and interior have not been changed. And it’s still guarded by the GIOP  and we keep locking its historic doors with an old-fashioned metal key.

Petro Palace Hotel, Saint-Petersburg
Address: Malaya Morskaya Ulitsa 14, Saint-Petersburg, 190000, Russia
“Admiralteyskaya” metro station is located in 300 meters from the Hotel.
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About Petro Palace Hotel

St. Petersburg is one of the most unique and beautiful cities in the world and our hotel- Petro Palace is located in its main centre.
A few steps away from our doors you will find the famous Hermitage and St. Isaac’s Cathedral, surrounded by the most famous theatres, squares, historical sights, epic bars, nightclubs and restaurants.
Petro Palace Hotel offers you all the advantages of its location, comfortable conditions for living and recreation.